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The Hunter Whitley Butterfly Initiative

Providing resources, support, education and raising awareness

About Us

The Hunter Whitley Butterfly Initiative is nonprofit organization founded to provide resources, support, education and raise awareness around Veteran mental health challenges and the Veteran suicide crisis.

A Veteran’s family and friends are their greatest advocates and support systems during their transition from military to civilian life. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that many families and friends are completely unaware of the struggles.

We feel strongly that community awareness around this topic is more important now than ever. The weight of mental health can be overwhelming for families.

Our Mission

Supporting Veterans in the transition to civilian life, addressing mental health challenges. Raising awareness, providing resources, fostering resilience within communities.

Our Vision

A society where every Veteran and family receives support, actively addressing mental health challenges. Honoring Hunter Whitley’s legacy, inspiring change, reducing Veteran mental health crises nationwide.


On December 2nd, 2023, the Tuscaloosa community came together for the Chasing Freedom 5K to raise awareness to America’s veteran mental health crisis. The event marked the launch of the Hunter Whitley Butterfly Initiative, which will continue to grow and support the families of veterans dealing with mental health challenges. The role families play as advocates and primary support systems during a veteran’s transition to civilian life can never be understated, and this initiative drives that support even further by looking to provide the resources, education, and community for our families and veterans going through these battles. The weight of mental health can be overwhelming for families, who are courageous enough to step forward to equip themselves with the necessary tools to aid their loved ones. The impact the Global War on Terror has had on the family unit is far-reaching, touching countless households across the nation. 

Upcoming Events


Suicide Prevention Training with our partners from the VA Medical Center (Location TBD)


Poker Run & Crawfish Boil


LAR Reunion Veteran Retreat


Chasing Freedom 5k

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