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About Us

Hunter Whitley Butterfly Initiative is a 501c3 non profit organization founded to provide resources, support, education and raise awareness around Veteran mental health challenges and the Veteran suicide crisis.

A Veteran’s family and friends are their greatest advocates and support systems during their transition from military to civilian life. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that many families and friends are completely unaware of the struggles.

We feel strongly that community awareness around this topic is more important now than ever. The weight of mental health can be overwhelming for families.

Understanding that it is not just a veteran’s battle, but a journey that families must navigate together, The Hunter Whitley Butterfly Initiative is here to assist these families and provide them with the necessary resources and support they need to not only respond effectively to mental health needs but to also strengthen the very foundation of our communities.

Our first annual Chasing Freedom 5k and Community Awareness event took place December 2nd. We honored the sacrifices of our veterans in honor of a very special Marine Veteran, Hunter Whitley.

Hunter Whitley was a 23 year old Marine Veteran who served in Afghanistan in 2021 during the withdrawal. He was the son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend, and fellow Marine who truly cared, always checking on others. He recognized the rising Veteran mental health and suicide crisis in our nation. This initiative will keep Hunter’s legacy alive.

Our Mission

Supporting Veterans in the transition to civilian life, addressing mental health challenges. Raising awareness, providing resources, fostering resilience within communities.

Our Vision

A society where every Veteran and family receives support, actively addressing mental health challenges. Honoring Hunter Whitley’s legacy, inspiring change, reducing Veteran mental health crises nationwide.